Fins: 1

RLDecal MickeyT

9'6" x 23" x 3 1/8"

N: 18 5/8" T: 15 1/2"

This beauty is something for the logger/traditionalist and for collectors of timeless and functional surf art. It’s got that classic 60’s style with a rolled vee bottom, 50/50 rails, a single fin and a deep tear-drop concave for effortless noseriding.

We call it the Stylemaster as the guys who tend to ride these shapes care more about style than whacking the lip!

  • Single ply stringer
  • Glassed to Lasttm with 7.5oz bottom, 7.5+6oz deck.
  • Resin colour deck inlay & bottom in 'Organic' colours & pinline
  • Full gloss & polish
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