Flashback Single


$975 Now $795

Fins: 1

RSdecal MickeyT

6'0" x 20 1/2" x 2 3/4"

N: 15 1/4" T: 15 3/8"

 A blast from the past! A board for the guys (and girls) who value how they look when they walk down to the water a well as how they perform while up and riding.

Heaps of volume and one fin at the back just like the boards from the good ol' days, flat to vee bottom. Only this model is powered by a more modern rocker and rails. Loads of drive off the bottom and great pivot off the top - go for it kids, this is what surfing used to feel like!

  • Single ply stringer
  • Glassed to Lasttm with 5oz bottom, 5+5oz deck.
  • Clear with paisley foot patch
  • Performance finish
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