Fins: 3

RSdecal MickeyT

7'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4

N: 13 1/2" T: 14 5/8"

A little more refined than your standard mini-mal, with a little less volume, a pulled in nose, fuller tail shape and relaxed tail rocker; making it an easy to control, easy to paddle and easy to love surfboard. It’s an all round shape that goes really well in a wide range of conditions for a wide range of abilities, and should be an essential part of your quiver.

This stretched version is a little slimmer all round with tighter nose and tail measurements for steeper, faster waves without sacrificing paddle power.

  • Single ply stringer
  • Glassed to Lasttm with 6oz bottom, 5+6oz deck.
  • Translucent resin colours
  • Performance finish
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