HP Slim - EPS



Fins: 2+1

RLDecal MickeyT

9'1" x 21 7/8" x 2 7/16"

N: 17" T: 13 5/8"


An evolved high performance longboard for competition or free surfing. It’s lean, mean, fast and loose, and allows you to approach the wave any way you want to.


I’ve been working on balancing increased rocker curve to enhance manoeuvrability and to ‘fit’ into the wave face, with clean lines for efficient paddling and smooth riding, without sacrificing nose-riding ability.


Custom orders sized to suit the individual.

Slim: 'contest' size. A little slimmer overall for ultimate precision.

  • Single poplar stringer
  • Glassed to Lasttm with 4+4oz bottom, 4+4+4oz deck.
  • Blue with brown nose spray
  • Full gloss & polish
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